Nobody cares about your cover letter

Nobody really cares about cover letters. They are mainly bull shit. Now some hiring managers love to read cover letters and take them way too seriously.

I don’t even know who invented a cover letter anyways.

Most job descriptions are bull shit. Mainly because HR needs a long list of hypothetical what ifs built into the job in case the candidate comes back and says “That was never a part of the job I signed up for”.

So they add more and more shit to the description to make sure they cover all of their basis.

There are always 2–3 key skills a hiring manager must have in the role. If having the required programming language experience is a must have by the boss then you MUST have that experience.

Don’t sweat it, if you really want to make an impression with the boss. Do a ton of research to find a hiring manager in the said firm. Invite them to a cafe for a cup of coffee. Ask them about the pain in the ass business problems they are trying to solve.

If you have the solution then propose it. If you don’t get back with them in a week or two when you do.

If you have to have experience in a certain programming language go and get the experience practicing as a freelancer or doing the work on spec.

There are a million and one ways to get around the ol “I need you to know this” conundrum HR puts candidates through.

I’m writing a book about the madness of job search. Email me if you are interested in a free copy


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