How to get a job at Apple


Start by praying to the god of your choice. I’m personally a fan of Jesus.

Then summon the courage to handle rejection.

Finally, realize that Apple has over 10,000 people a day that want to work for them.

You have a 1 in 10,000 shot in landing a job with Apple.

I’m upsetting you. The truth hurts.

It is not impossible to get a job with Apple. Since they have thousands of employees.

To best hack your chances, go to LinkedIn and study the profiles of several Apple employees.

Or even better, have a programmer friend write an algorithm that analyzes the education, work experience, and profile patterns of all the Apple employees on LinkedIn. Then analyze the trends.

Get to work on adding those trends steadily to your resume. What I am proposing is very difficult. You will want to give up. But again, you only have about a 1/10000 shot at landing with Apple. That is the level of commitment it will take to get in.


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