Why I didn’t read your cover letter


I applied to be a trivia game host for a bar in my neighborhood. I would only be working 2-3 nights a week. It sounded fun. They haven’t called me. And I do this recruitment thing for a living. They didn’t ask for a cover letter.
We’re looking for a Recruiter in Chicago. I messaged a person about the job on Facebook. We talked for 40 minutes about her hopes and dreams. She sent me her resume last night. Without a cover letter. She’s scheduled to interview with our VP next week.
She had no cover letter. I didn’t even think to ask her for a cover letter. I’ve received over 5000 cover letters in my recruiting career. I can’t remember any of them. I feel bad for all of those people who wrote cover letters that I didn’t read.
I pretty much skim them. Most HR people do too. How do I know this? Most cover letters are boring. I’m sorry to break this information to you.
I have an idea! The next cover letter you write make it about being a super hero finance specialist. Talk about your past experiences in the same way Batman would explain working in finance. Tell a story. I would read that cover letter.
For the most part, cover letters don’t really matter. Finding the right job is all about connecting with the right people. That’s an entirely different post all together.

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