To hear, a gift!


I watched a video on Facebook about people who could hear for the first time. New medical technology made this feat possible. Every person cried. Astonishing to think that hearing something I take for granted would cause another to have a life changing experience.

Hearing is a gift. I know I take it for granted. Today may I go about my day mesmerized by my ability to hear. Some of the most beautiful things in the world come from our sense of hearing.

Hearing a bird sing in the morning. Something truly amazing.

The sound of traffic. It’s great. I think anyways. It’s a recognizable sound.

The sound of rain beating against a window. Or the sound of rain tapping a roof in rhythmic ease.

The sound of wind on a chilly day. You don’t know where it came from or where it is going.

The sound of a child’s laugh. The uncontrollable laugh that they cannot contain.

The sound of children at play. Being at play is what makes us human. Why did I ever stop playing?

The sound of her saying yes to his marriage proposal. The shriek. The excitement.

To hear and to listen. The ability to listen and truly understand is what can change my world.


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